Improve Your Fitness & Health with The Best Zumba Classes in Mount Druitt

If you want to lose weight while having more fun than you might on a treadmill or during high-intensity aerobic training, try a Zumba dance workout for weight loss. This is why more and more people in Mount Druitt select Zumba over regular cardio exercises. Our dance classes combine motion with dance to provide an exciting and enjoyable cardio workout. It is perfect for elders, those looking to switch up their routines, and those looking to begin a fitness journey.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a type of fitness class where you dance to a number of different upbeat songs, frequently with Latin American influences, like salsa, merengue, and samba, as well as other mainstream music genres, like hip hop and Hollywood, to burn calories.

Dance Classes
Dance Classes

Lose Weight with a Zumba Workout at Mates Gym

Two Zumba classes per week are an excellent way to get started on any fitness routine, and you should see results as long as you combine the classes with a healthy eating treatment plan.

Every class at Mates Gym is deliberately planned to guarantee that everyone has a safe, effective, and enjoyable Zumba dance for a belly fat workout. We always proceed with a formal warm-up to loosen the joints, increase body temperature, and boost blood flow. Stretches are usually included in the first three tracks to prepare our bodies for the Zumba moves.

The Benefits of a Zumba Dance Class

Zumba fitness classes are an excellent match for entertaining dance choreography and cardio exercises that will leave you sweating. Let’s look at some of the incredible health advantages of Zumba gym.

  • Burn Calories and Remove Fat.
  • Enhance Your Coordination.
  • Exercise Your Entire Body.
  • Zumba Class for Everyone Regardless of Their Age.
  • Gain More Self-Assurance.
  • Enhance Your Mood.

It is understandable why Zumba is such a well-liked form of exercise, given its many advantages. You might be prepared to join our Zumba near me for ladies’ class and begin dancing the day away if you feel as motivated as we are.

Dance Classes For Fitness Near Mount Druitt
Dance Classes For Fitness Near Mount Druitt

Why Choose Mates Gym for a Zumba Dance Workout for Weight Loss?

You can learn to dance quickly, efficiently, and with lots of fun right here. We keep up to date on new teaching techniques, dance style concepts, and instructional tools. To make learning to dance fun and exciting, each of our instructors at our best gym in Mount Druitt has received professional dance training.

  • With clear and simple choreography.
  • The energetic dance workout programme.
  • Offer training sessions for individuals and small groups.
  • Fitness facility for women only.
  • A highly regarded Zumba studio.
  • Includes world, Latin, and Zumba tempos.
  • Interval training.
  • Classes in Zumba for all skill sets.
  • Highest level of customisation in service.
  • The choice of instructors is made with care and knowledge.
  • Personalised exercises for your goals and level of fitness.

Don’t Miss Out, Attend the Best Fitness Dance Classes in Mount Druitt today!

We provide warm, supportive, and fun-filled environments for you. For more information about Zumba classes at Mates Gym, call us on 0466 618 594

Zumba is not a fashion show, even though we adore vibrant colours! Wear breathable, lightweight clothing, such as vests, sweaters, joggers, leggings, and t-shirts. Please wear a supportive sports bra because we move around a lot (women only!).
One of its best features is that there is no restriction on who can join and participate in Zumba. It makes no difference if you’re 20 or 50.
Although most of the participants in Zumba classes are women in their 20s to 50s, anyone can gain from a Zumba workout.
Although women prefer Zumba, it is almost exclusively attended by men nowadays.
Zumba exercises are energetic exercises. It enhances cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels sugar, and speedily burns belly fat.
Depending on your age, sexual identity, genetic factors, and the intensity of the exercise session, you can burn anywhere between 300 and 800 calories during a 30-minute Zumba dance for a weight loss workout.



I would not feel shy to say if it wouldn’t have been Aggam, this change might not have ever happened. Before him i did try to take help from some trainers but nothing worked because i never looked at gym so holistically the way he made me look at it. It was an entire change from my morning bed habits to until i go back to bed again. Transformation begins once you step out of gym, find someone who can help you transform life not only the body and Aggam is the best fit for that

Shubhneet Kaur

Star Rating

If you are shopping around for a gym! Mates Gym is the place to be. The staff are so friendly and very helpful. Their gym price is very accommodating. The gym smells soo nice. Im a mum too and i don’t have to stress where to leave my baby as creche takes care of them as i work out. I can’t compare this gym with any other….it’s the best?. It has so much to offer….I love it?

Patricia Rono

Star Rating

Had my first consult today with Aggam, very nice and professional. They have a children’s area while you work out for specific times of the day. Gym is very clean and have a private section for women. Overall just by viewing is better than other gyms I have been. Convenient location with alot of parking space near by. Your key to enter is by your phone so you never lose your access key. Definately a more modern gym with staff ready to help anywhere they can!


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