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We’ve all known someone who joined a gym to get in shape or lose weight with the vague intention of “using the equipment.” They go a couple of times, lift some random weights, and then avoid going after a few days or weeks, wasting money. This does not need to be you. With a little careful thought, you can make a better decision and reap more benefits from your Mates Gym membership. To make fitness a lifestyle, we set cheap gym memberships with no lock-in contract terms to satisfy all budgets.

Flexible Membership Options to Suit you!

Below are a few cheap fitness membership options for all gym rats offered by Mates gym.


When you join Mates Gym, you will receive the following perks and benefits:

● We offer free parking and wifi with all membership plans.
● Every member of the gym has access to a locker room.
● Our gym facilities are first-rate, with cutting-edge fitness equipment.
● Dedicated Weight-lifting area.
● You can get gym discounts on a 12-month gym membership.
● Drinking water, changing clothes, storage for bags and valuables such as mobile phones, purses watches, and so on.

Discuss your Affordable and Flexible Plan with Us!

We screamed for several days after getting on the weighing scale weeks ago, and if you’re in the same boat, start over on Monday. Flexible & inexpensive gym memberships are the latest new health-conscious craze; they are both cost-effective and convenient. To understand more about a customised plan, contact Mates Gym’s administrator.

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Inexpensive Gym Memberships Near Mount Druitt!

Do you want to start working toward your fitness and wellness goals? Mates Gym’s helpful staff is here to assist you! For more information on our services or membership selections, reach out to us today. For the best gym membership, you can reach us by phone at 0466 618 594 or by email at

No, there are no hidden fees.
Policies vary between fitness centres and health clubs.
In some scenarios, it may be possible to have your membership cancelled. Please inquire at the desk or contact our team for more information.
Yes, we do offer a free trial.
According to a leading bodybuilding website, working out at the gym is best after 14, when physical growth sets in and natural growth ceases.
Whether you’re going on vacation or recovering from an injury, freezing means you don’t have to withdraw and pay a joining fee when you resume again. Please inquire at the front desk or contact our team for more details.
Your membership will not be automatically renewed. A member’s annual fees are billed once a year. Your billing date is determined by the date you joined.
You can simply go to the administration and say you misplaced your card. They’ll ask for some information, such as your name or phone number (to link it to your account), scan a new card, and you’re good to go!



I would not feel shy to say if it wouldn’t have been Aggam, this change might not have ever happened. Before him i did try to take help from some trainers but nothing worked because i never looked at gym so holistically the way he made me look at it. It was an entire change from my morning bed habits to until i go back to bed again. Transformation begins once you step out of gym, find someone who can help you transform life not only the body and Aggam is the best fit for that

Shubhneet Kaur

Star Rating

If you are shopping around for a gym! Mates Gym is the place to be. The staff are so friendly and very helpful. Their gym price is very accommodating. The gym smells soo nice. Im a mum too and i don’t have to stress where to leave my baby as creche takes care of them as i work out. I can’t compare this gym with any other….it’s the best?. It has so much to offer….I love it?

Patricia Rono

Star Rating

Had my first consult today with Aggam, very nice and professional. They have a children’s area while you work out for specific times of the day. Gym is very clean and have a private section for women. Overall just by viewing is better than other gyms I have been. Convenient location with alot of parking space near by. Your key to enter is by your phone so you never lose your access key. Definately a more modern gym with staff ready to help anywhere they can!


Star Rating