a. Treadmill & Stair Mater

This will help you burn more calories, ultimately leading to greater fat loss. Try to do your cardio after the Weight Training for better results

b. Strength Equipment

No one can achieve great results without keeping weight training component in their workout routine and mates gym has above 100 equipment to choose from.

Workouts in the gym should be Goal Specific and Based on your level of Experience.


  • Should hit the gym for only 4 days a week, as they need to recover better. As the body starts to build up you can increase the total number of days in workout.
  • For the best results do as many compound lifts as possible for better muscle gain, but make sure you execute the exercises properly.

Frequency of gym depends on how early you can recover from your workouts, if your recovery is good you can train for 6 days a week.

Yes, Mates gym offers a special discount for all the above categories. all you need to do is carry your identity card at mates gym to claim extra discount

There are 3 options in case you want to breach the contract

  • You can transfer your membership to someone else that would be free of cost
  • you can choose to pause your membership for 6 weeks that won’t cost anything as well
  • You can also walk out of contract by paying 50% of the remaining contract balance

Mates Gym has a unique way of providing Personal Training.

We have Inhouse Fitness Experts who take you through Your Evolt Body Scan And educate you on what exactly your body requires in order to change.

Based on your customized needs you are allotted the P.T which matches your personality.

it’s not one size fits all type of training at Mates Gym

Mates Gym Provides Creche facility, which makes it very easy for the parents to bring their kids along, while they do their workout.

In order to book the creche session, all parents have to do is book a session through the app and our staff would be ready to look after.

Mates Gym is the only gym in Mount Druitt, with NO parking issues at all. we have more than 100 parkings available at any time customer wants to visit mates gym.

Mates Gym Accepts the following ways to pay for any purchase you make

  • Cash
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Direct Debit from Bank Account

You are more than welcome to bring a friend during the staff hours at Mates Gym. Mates Gym offers extra discounts on membership, for bringing a friend to the club.

If you start to work under guidance from Day 1, you should start to see the changes in the body within 4 weeks.

Yes, mates gym offers separate amenities for males and females. Showers also has inbuilt Hair Dryers and Iron board to help you get ready for office

Mates Gym provides a wide range of post workout shakes and protein bars. Members at Mates Gym love their post workout protein shakes and the most popular one is Choc Bomb.

Yes, you certainly can buy supplements from Mates Gym in house supplement store. Our Fitness Experts also provide full guidance on which supplements to use at what time