Open Boxing Area – Mates Gym

Do you want to lose weight while trying some basic boxing moves? If yes, then our open boxing area is perfect for you. If you wish to lose weight, learn self-defence, or want to prepare for your first amateur fight, our qualified trainers will help you out. 

The boxing fitness sessions provided by Mates Gym follow an unstructured format and do not include rigorous formal instructions. However, our professional coaches will be there to help you. You can ask them questions, learn self-defence moves, or spar with them.   

Female Boxing Classes at Mates Gym

Mates Gym’s ladies-friendly boxing classes can solve your female boxing classes near me question effortlessly! We have designed our boxing classes for women in such a way that there is minimal male presence at the gym.

If the timing doesn’t suit you, then you can come any time as our 24 hours gym facility will provide you with boxing for fitness service regardless of time. Compared to other local boxing gyms, we emphasised providing a safe and non-threatening environment for our female boxers. 

Why Choose Mates Gym’s Open Boxing Area?

Mates Gym’s open boxing area is not an ordinary boxing gym; it is a fitness zone that provides boxing training sessions to all individuals at all fitness levels. We are one of the most preferred local boxing gyms because: 

  • Boxing is tough, but we make it fun. 
  • Our open boxing area is clean and laced with modern facilities.  
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for aggressiveness and machoness. 
  • We offer safe and special boxing classes for women. 
  • We are a 24 hour gym – come at your convenience.
  • At our boxing for fitness classes, every session is different.  
  • We provide qualified boxing personal trainers.

Find us on Google by searching boxing training near me and get the best open boxing area facility! 

Want to Learn More?

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