Female-only Training Area

We’re building Australia’s largest and most welcoming fitness community at Mates Gym with our experienced transformation experts. We aim to redefine your fitness experience by introducing you to modern equipment and training methods for specialised results. Our 24 Hours Gym facility is carefully designed to offer a spacious, comfortable and fresh environment, with a dedicated female-only training area and various other amenities!

Female Only Training Area – For The Motivated & Inspired

Following a regular training regimen for women is easier at Mates Gym, where we’ve taken conscious steps to prevent ‘gymtimidation’. Our 24-hour gyms with the ladies-only area(s) focus on helping you feel safe by providing a scrutiny-free workout zone. It offers you access to equipment designed specifically for females, along with special installations to ensure security and privacy.

Fresh, Safe & Comfortable Gym Training Area

Share your space only with other females in our women-only section gym facilities attended by qualified female gym trainers. Their assistance and guidance can provide you with accelerated muscle growth or calories burning routines, apart from personalised consultations. So, dance or exercise your way to becoming fit and healthier at Mates Gym women-only training zones.

  • Monday-thru-Every-Day Mantra
    We go above and beyond to help women attain their goals of fitness & wellness at our 24-hour gym facilities. Feel energised or relaxed as required at our modern gyms equipped with modern amenities & safety measures. Both our facilities & the gym equipment are regularly maintained for hygiene and safety purposes to become your go-to ladies-only area gym near me.

  • Security & Privacy
    To further offer you better safety of working out, all the Mates Gyms with women-only section(s) have special installations to prevent lapse of privacy. From placing signs to indicate whenever male members are working to offering keyfob access and tinted windows environments, we’ve taken care of everything to negate unwanted scrutiny and intrusions completely.

Your search for a women-only section gym near me ends today after you visit Mates Gym. Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle and give us a call at 0466 618 594 to discuss your fitness options. You may also write us your queries to learn how we can help with our high-value training programs & membership options. Visit us at your nearby location to check out our amazing facilities today!